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Our pack operates on the belief that everything must be balanced; home life, work life, pack life. When a wolf finds the right pack, they are benefited by the positive energy shared by the entire group, especially when that pack is mature and well-balanced. Our efficacy is sourced by our ties to the natural world. We seek to strengthen all areas of life (mind, body, and spirit), in harmony with the cycles of life. We understand life today is more complicated than when our ancestors first connected with wolves on a metaphysical level. We are required to maintain the status quo, to work to support our families in corporate and private sector settings, as well as the complications that arise from being subjected to controlling governments and regulations. These are not simple times, however our mindset can be simplified when we look at the world through an abstract eye; the eyes of a wolf.

The Way Of The Wolf ©

What is the Way Of The Wolf? ©

The Way of the Wolf © is a shamanistic teaching utilizing the wolf as a totem and archetype for channeling power, invoking our inner spirit animal, and balancing our lives between the human mentality and wolf spirituality. It brings together knowledge of nature and how wild wolves live, application of that knowledge into spiritual practices, moon magick, basic survival skills to help each wolf-spirited student enjoy the outdoors in a safe way, critical analysis of legends and lore centered around wolves, and an emphasis on everyone picking their own path from many within this spiritual practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therianthropy?

Therianthropy is a modern term for what was once thought to be a mental disturbance (in the case of lycanthropy), but is actually a deep spiritual connection to a specific type of shamanism that is prevalent throughout most ancient cultures.  Specifically, it connects humans with the raw, primal magick utilizing the energy of animals as totems and spirit guides.  Each Therian has accepted and embraced one or more animal totems as spiritual signatures that are permanently affixed to their spirit and reflect themselves in their magickal practices.  Therianthropes are described as being born with an animalistic spirit, one that has or currently does walk the Earth.  This can range from prehistoric to current evolutions of all species known to man.  Dinosaurs, fish, mammals, reptiles, birds, etc.  These can be predatory, prey, or even omnivorous animals.  The type of animal often is not determined by the Therian themselves, but rather it reflects one’s inner nature and personality.  Are you shy?  You might be an animal that doesn’t trust humans or larger predatory animals.  Perhaps you are a prey animal, but one that can also be graceful and beautiful even though it is delicate.  Are you a predatory animal but unsure why?  Perhaps you aren’t very outgoing or willing to harm others?  Perhaps you are a predatory animal for its protective qualities and its inner strength.  There are many aspects to Therianthropy.  There are lessons to be learned from every animal on this Earth.

How do I know if I’m a Therian? How do I know if I’m specifically a WOLF Therian? 

Therians are often pagans (though occasionally of different faiths) who have more of an affinity for animal totem magick than most.  It’s their signature mark, usually fixating on one animal.  90% of the time, if someone fixates on two or more animals, those are just guides and not part of the spirit itself.  Therians with more than one species are possible, but rare, and finding a balance between three or more beings (the first always being your human self) is often difficult and tumultuous.  Therians have a NEED to be out in nature, are often affected by weather and seasons, and also enjoy more natural diets.  Anything that could connect them to their animal nature.  They also bond with animals easier than most people.  They may be territorial (often the case with males) or very nurturing (common with females) at their whim.  They are primal in mentality, reaction, and even sexuality. 

What is the difference between Therians and Furries?

Therians connect with nature and their inner animal to empower themselves for different purposes such as personal growth, shadow work, and harmony within their lives.  Furries dress up and play the part of an animal at conventions, during role play, and occasionally for sexual encounters as well.  Therians should not disrespect our totems with anthropomorphic reimaginings.  We practice respectful spiritual customs and attune to nature’s rhythm.  Furries play at being an animal, whereas Therians put themselves in the pawprints of their animal and ask what it would do in their situations, when conventional human responses would complicate those situations.  We support conservation efforts of wildlife and natural resources because we know that protecting these vital elements is important. 

Where do these traditions come from?

The traditions that melded together to create Therianthropy actually came from all over the world, much like neo-paganism.  All ancient cultures had aspects of animal/creature worship, and we still learn from them today.  This is because when humans were still new, we were trying to figure out how we fit into the great cycle of life.  Were we predator or prey?  We couldn’t survive without fur in the Winter, so what did we do?  We needed the basics of survival (shelter, water, food, heat, etc.) but how did we get it?  How did we find and learn to work with other early humans?  How did we nurture our young?  These were all questions we had.  When we needed answers, we looked at other animals in the wild and kind of became our own mix of them.  We didn’t have fur, so we learned to use what we had for clothing.  We saw bugs doing the same with exoskeletons of other beings as well as leaves.  We saw smaller animals nesting in the hides of dead animals, and many species also made dens.  We saw wolves working in networks called packs that would hunt with each other and share the spoils with those that needed it first, then the rest of the pack.  This is how we learned to form ranks and social structures as well as how to care for our young.  This wisdom collected by prehistoric early humans became the stories and knowledge we passed on to our children, told by our elders and our chieftains.  This wisdom (the traditions, practices, methods and beliefs) became the lifeblood of our people, told as stories and handed down to each new generation.  Stories and practices became our culture and magick, and eventually magick became myth and legend, and only some of us maintained our connections to the primal nature of our ancient peoples.  Therians seem to have the raw potential to tap into it, much like hereditary pagans, except instead of just connecting to our own ancestors, we also connect to the spirits of animals and their wisdom.

Do you change into wolves or hairy monsters every full moon?

Not exactly!  We do notice a lot of physical effects that can change our bodies during the full moon, such as arousal, elevated serotonin and adrenaline levels, etc., all of which are caused by mental stimuli.  These can give us goosebumps or make our hair stand on end, or even make our pupils dilate when we focus on the object of our desire (such as our significant other, the Moon, a juicy steak, a wild rabbit hopping in the early moonlight, etc.), and these seemingly strange occurrences are actually backed by science!  We do not change shape, but we do change.  On a primal subconscious level, everyone is affected by the moon.

Does your pack accept different Therians or Otherkin?

 Everwood only accepts wolf therians or wolf-spirited people at this time because that is what we know, that is what we can teach, and that is what has helped us bond.  The Wolf within is what brought us together and we maintain that respect for our shared totem.  We ally with all kinds of packs and tribes, but we personally prefer the company of wolves.

What happened to the Howling Garrison Pack?

We decided that the message of that name wasn’t what we wanted to project, and it just didn’t feel right.  We discussed, over a few meetings, what we should do, and agreed that we wouldn’t be doing the Legacy of Everwood justice if we didn’t resurrect it.  The standards that we uphold, our goals, the history we all share, and the family we have built, all reflect Everwood’s values.  It was my creation, and my right to facilitate its return.  The Howling Garrison’s name will either be retired or repurposed.  We are still deciding on that.  However, our pack has been rebranded as the once and future Everwood Pack.

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