By reviewing these public entities, we are in no way stating an affiliation or alliance with them.  We are simply speaking on our experiences.  Any and all affiliates/alliances will be listed in our Resources section.

The Nightside Community

 This is where everyone gets the whole vampire/wolf war assumptions. The Nightside Community is a creation by spiritual vampires who prefer to feed on pranic, ambient, tantric energies or even blood on occasion. They usually center around gothic nightclub events and bars, and some wolf-spirited individuals are drawn to that darker aspect of subcultures, and thereby found their way into what is known as the “velvet underground” of these clubs.

We monitor the Nightside Community for activity from our kindred. If assistance is called, we intervene as we see fit. The Nightside is, by majority, too toxic for consistent engagement. However, with carefully-selected exposure to it, we can maintain a neutral and balanced presence without fully succumbing to the drama that others seem to feed upon. We do not need, nor do we desire, drama in any of its forms. We instead seek to offer our kindred an ally to help them rise above the drama.

We do not tolerate drama, threats, immaturity, or ill-educated persons who try to create conflicts. We will cut all ties and grow stronger for it. Poison becomes rot; rot becomes death. What is weak and slow is prey, but prey either feeds your pack or it is too rotten to consume and must be left for carrion to pick apart. Choose wisely what you feast upon, what you listen to, and what you take into your presence. All of these things, if taken from corrupted sources, can harm you. This is why we carefully select what we tolerate and to what we give our energy.

We do not sponsor, nor do we exclusively patronize, any specific Nightside-oriented event. Not every pack member enjoys attending these events or associating with this community. However, some of our members do attend a few events per year on average, usually local and as schedules allow, simply to enjoy the ambiance and socialize with old friends. We also do our part, as always, to observe the Nightside Community and keep ourselves informed as to what develops for our kindred who do choose to subscribe to these societies, just as we monitor our wild wolf kindred and pray for their safety and continual growth. If you wish to see us attend your favorite Nightside event in the future, please <b><u>CONTACT US</u></b> and tell us about it!

The Otherkin Community

* If you’d like us to include and review your Otherkin website or group, please contact us! We will do our best to give it a thorough consideration.

I found this website to fulfill basic information for people seeking information on Otherkin and Therianthropy, from a generalized perspective. It also brought up one or two topics that aren’t usually discussed, which was helpful. The author dispelled a lot of rumors, such as physical shifting which is a myth. The graphics aren’t bad and the flow of the website is acceptable. I personally give it a 7/10 only because it hasn’t been updated in a while and doesn’t cover more topics outside of the forum. The forum also needs more activity but the concept is good!