The Way of The Wolf © (Established 2010)

The Way of the Wolf © is a shamanistic teaching utilizing the Wolf as a totem and archetype for channeling power, invoking our inner spirit animal, and balancing our lives between the human mentality and wolf spirituality. It brings together knowledge of nature and how wild wolves live, application of that knowledge into spiritual practices, moon magick, basic survival skills to help each wolf-spirited student enjoy the outdoors in a safe way, critical analysis of legends and lore centered around wolves, and an emphasis on everyone picking their own path from many within this spiritual practice. Much like Wicca, it has many pantheons, traditions, methods, and incarnations. This is one school of thought on wolf totemism, and it has many roads within. The Wolf is what connects us and makes us kin, but our own choices determine how we use that spirit, and how it reflects our own magick.

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Benefits Of Taking The Way Of The Wolf© Classes

Upon completion of the Way of the Wolf courses, students have reported feeling more connected to their inner wolf, their human selves, and they have a deeper sense of purpose.

Interacting within the Wolf Community becomes easier because the wise student comes to understand reality versus fantasy, whether the wolves they interact with are mature or just seeking attention, and which packs have their priorities in order. It then becomes possible for the students of The Way of the Wolf to find exactly what they’re looking for. If they cannot find what they seek, they also possess the knowledge to create it, thus taking control of their own path instead of relying upon permissions from “elders” and “princes,” as some communities enforce. The Way of the Wolf has no masters, but rather it demands that we master ourselves.

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Qualifications to join and/or for learning :

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be wolf therian or wolf-spirited, etc. 

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